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Blockchain is becoming more and more crucial in the online ecosystem. Is it time that you started learning it?
Blockchain has gained ground on the internet today, and many investors are pouring money into the venture. Developers in this space are also in-demand but scarce.
Are you a programmer thinking about transitioning into the blockchain web? Or you're just getting started with programming and want to dive into blockchain development? You're on the right path.
Here are six solid reasons you don't want to withdraw from your passion and ambitions.
A blockchain developer uses the standard internet protocol to create and manage applications on a decentralized ledger system. They code functional algorithms, including smart contracts, and use existing frameworks to process transaction-based agreements on the blockchain.
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Unlike the conventional web you use daily, blockchain apps don't use a central database. But they store encrypted transaction records in several servers called nodes in a pair-to-pair fashion. The data is also encrypted and unmodifiable by a single node, making it more secure.
Now that you know who a blockchain developer is, the following are reasons you might want to become one.
Whenever some people hear about blockchain, they think it only revolves around Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. In the real sense, blockchain is a broader term that describes an entire internet space.
It's more of a counterpart to a conventional centralized internet, which writes data to a single database. In essence, blockchain decentralizes data in blocks into distributed but linked computers (nodes). Indeed, its concept is more inclusive and not only deals with cryptocurrencies.
Hence, if you think you'll streamline your roles to cryptocurrencies only as a blockchain developer, that's far from the truth.
Moreover, we've seen NFTs evolve from the blockchain. And then Decentraland, the Metaverse, and other innovations are surfacing. In blockchain development, you can do anything you'd do in conventional programming. And interestingly, there's just so much creativity in the blockchain you can explore. Ultimately, it's a long train of opportunity for developers than you might've imagined.
Whether we believe it or not doesn't matter—web 3.0 is the future of the World Wide Web. Of course, no intention to discard the fact that web 2.0 will linger.
Web 3.0 isn't synonymous with blockchain, though. But how are they related?
Here's the thing: web 3.0 is decentralized. Most of its core uses blockchain technology. So if you're already a blockchain programmer, you can boldly call yourself a developer of the future web.
Besides, when the internet fully enters this new era, you would've had the necessary skill set to break into a novel technology without a hassle. And you'll become an industrial revolutionist before you know it.
By and by, many companies and industries are adopting decentralized finance (DeFi). They're now either changing their tech stack to blockchain or adding this tech layer to their pre-existing architecture. While many companies, including the health industry, now use this technology, the skill required to implement it is scarce.
It's also unsurprising that 81 percent of top companies surveyed are actively using blockchain already, according to a stat on Forkast. Moreover, Markets and Markets also projected that blockchain would've increased from a $4.9 billion market size to $67.4 billion by 2026.
With these indicators, there's no better time to agree that there'll be an increase in demand for developers with skills in blockchain development as time rolls. So no worries, you're threading a profitable path.
To avoid regrets, it's always advisable to consider the potential profitability of a skill you intend to learn—especially if you want to make a career of it.
According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a blockchain developer in the US is over $100,000. Regardless of where you live, you should be able to live more than comfortably with that kind of money. Besides, with a continuous increase in demand for the skill, blockchain development has solid income potential and is a promising career.
If you're considering a career in blockchain development to boost your cash inflow, there's the opportunity to do so. All you need to do is upskill and get your priorities right.
Like any programming technology, blockchain requires effort and dedication to grasp it. But the whole concept of blockchain development and design isn't as difficult as you might've thought.
The skill even becomes easier to pick up once you have a web development background in languages like C, C++, Java, Python, NodeJS, and Go. With expertise in one or a few more of these, all you need is a solid touch of how the blockchain works to become a blockchain development expert. You can look up online blockchain development courses or attend physical classes to learn this.
However, if you're just getting started with web development and your target is blockchain, you want to strengthen your web programming skills and computer science knowledge before delving into it to avoid getting stuck.
Thanks to open-source contributors, many frameworks and algorithms exist to make your job smoother as a blockchain developer.
​​Pre-existing blockchain frameworks like Ethereum, Corda, Ripple, Hyper Ledger, and more offer asymmetric key algorithms and hash methods that make cryptography or encryption easy.
Some even have built-in smart contracts for easy and logical state management during transactions. So you have all the tools you need at your disposal.
Of course, despite this, you can't ignore the place of solid knowledge of blockchain development, as pointed out earlier—as this will help you better discover the essential tooling you need for a project.
Blockchain development is one of the many areas you can branch into as a web developer. Although there are talks here and there spreading news of its complexity, you have more reasons to get started now than not to.
Moreover, as mentioned previously, it's not as complex as many people portray. That's not a promise of a smooth ride, anyway. But once you start and are passionate about it, you'll find more ease in blockchain development than you imagined. With that said, taking a look at some tips to help you start your career as a blockchain developer will help.
If you can learn how to program on the blockchain, you stand to have a very lucrative coding career in the future.
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