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The betting industry has been on the rise for quite a few years. However, it is yet to achieve its full potential due to inevitable setbacks that have been a significant challenge to its growth. Money laundering has been the topmost issue in this space, followed by the bookmaker domination. It is the same in every sphere of the betting industry, including sports betting, which is immensely popular globally. Blockchain is often accused of easing the laundering process, allowing criminals to stay anonymous. aggle.io, an innovative decentralized sports betting platform, is a solution here. aggle.io operates on Blockchain to neutralize such criminal attacks and make sports betting exchanges safe for users around the world.
The strategy that aggle.io has adapted to prevent money laundering is a trailblazer for decentralized betting exchange platforms. To ensure all the incoming or outgoing transactions are safe, aggle.io has mandated a proper KYC process for all users. Blockchain stores all the information of all the transactions ever done on the platform and keeps it open access, so no dubious payment can be executed. Anyone can check the transaction data on the platform. Blockchain also uses wallet addresses to identify users, and if a user is registered via KYC, their real identity will be revealed instantly.
Aggle.io was founded by Miroslav Byrtus, Benjamin Albrechts, Richard Matuga, and Boris Matuga. Miroslav is a tech expert and currently leads the product development section in aggle.io. Benjamin is a data scientist with a background in algorithmic trading. He is responsible for developing strategies for aggle.io. As a crypto expert, Richard looks after the community and investor relationship. Boris, a self-made entrepreneur in e-commerce, heads marketing strategy and optimization. At present, these four co-founders form the core team working behind aggle.io.
The idea behind launching aggle.io is to provide a complete sports betting exchange to people with long-term profitable prospects. The platform has been designed to overcome all the ongoing problems of online betting, including money laundering. Aggle.io is here to end the monopoly of bookmakers by transferring the rights of bookmaking to the people. Any user on aggle.io can offer odds that any bettor can then purchase. This feature will highly reduce unfair odds due to high implied bookmaker markups and artificial payouts barriers for bettors winning a high amount.
The team has allocated quotas for odds to make aggle.io a trusted platform for long-term profits in the online sports betting community. This encourages bettors to offer maximum odds and make safe bets. Properly valued odds also ensure maximum profits for bookmakers on aggle.io. The betting exchange is listed on Binance Smart Chain, a reliable blockchain platform to facilitate open accounting.
During the presale, aggle.io has raised 1,500 BNB, with an additional 60 BNB in private sales. The market cap peaked over a million and still settled at 7-figures. Aggle.io’s main utility token is currently live on Binance Testnet until its full incorporation. The first prototype of aggle.io ran on Ethereum blockchain and was tested by 5K people. The team behind aggle.io shifted to Binance during the presale to keep the transaction costs lower and affordable to a larger community of bettors.
aggle.io aims to tap into cricket betting in India and soccer betting in the European Union. With that, aggle.io is looking forward to expanding to the global market using blockchain technology and introducing more innovative features to the world of sports betting.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/aggle_io
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/aggle_io
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aggle.io/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/aggleio/
Discord: https://discord.gg/ffcNn8tf
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aggle-io/

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