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Inaugural International Conference to Convene Business and Government Leaders from Across the Americas to Discuss Leveraging Blockchain as a Tool for Greater Wealth Distribution
WASHINGTON, DC (February 24, 2022) – Adelle Nazarian, CEO of the American Blockchain PAC has been chosen to speak at the inaugural Festival of the Diaspora, to be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, February 23 – 26, 2022.
The Festival of the Diaspora, in partnership with The Aspen Institute Project on Belonging, Tulsa Innovation Labs, EV Passport, Genius100 Foundation, LINK Strategic Partners, and other corporate partners will host more than 100 industry executives and changemakers from across the Americas.
Adelle Nazarian is confirmed to serve as featured speaker on the panel focused on the national implications of leveraging blockchain as a tool for greater wealth distribution as well as the purpose of the American Blockchain PAC.
“I’m honored to join this impressive group of brilliant and thoughtful leaders for this historic inaugural conference on the 500-year-anniversary of the founding of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, the oldest unincorporated territory in the United States of America,” said Adelle Nazarian, CEO of the American Blockchain PAC. “I look forward to this opportunity, where we can celebrate our shared history, culture and make our communities and the world a better place.”
“Blockchain and the cryptocurrency industry have the potential to finally equalize the playing field and provide unprecedented opportunities for the most underserved members of our collective societies and our world. Blockchain, due to its transparent nature, has the ability to restore trust among people by cutting out the middleman of the traditional financial services industry, will reduce transaction fees, and can help deliver freedom of choice and financial freedom to communities that have not traditionally had access, such as the unbanked,” said Adelle Nazarian.
“In the highly partisan political environments in which we find ourselves, we need more opportunities to find our common humanity, share best practices, and celebrate the past while embracing the change the future brings,” said Cordell Carter, Founder & Chairman of The Festival of the Diaspora. “There is so much potential in leaders across the Americas, we just need to connect them to each other, and great things will happen. The time for action is now.”
Other confirmed speakers include Rodrick T. Miller, CEO, Invest Puerto Rico; Hilarie Viener, CEO, Genius100 Foundation; Johanna Soderstrom, Chief People Officer, Tyson Foods; Wilson White, Executive Director, Google; Mickey Espada, Puerto Rico Advisor, International City/County Management Association; Stephen Kepler, President, PVBLIC Foundation; Darius Jones, CEO, National Black Economic Council; Mayra and Lorena Roa, Co-Founders, PANAL Ed-Tech; Amy Tu, Chief Legal Officer, Tyson Foods; Mayor Steven Reed, Montgomery, Alabama; Michael Blake, President, NextLevel Sports; Speaker Rafael “Tatito” Hernandez Montanez, Puerto Rican House of Representatives, and many more.
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About the Festival of the Diaspora
The Festival of the Diaspora is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to convening leaders across the Americas interested in collaborating with other leaders for collective impact. It believes that connecting visionary leaders to impact investors, learning from and serving each other, and celebrating our shared history and culture make our communities and the world a better place.
About the American Blockchain PAC
The American Blockchain PAC is an independent nonprofit committee of American citizens. We are the spearhead of political support for the Blockchain and virtual assets industries at the Federal level in the United States. Contributions to the American Blockchain PAC directly support Incumbents and other Federal candidates whose legislative agenda is clearly aligned with digital assets, crypto and web 3 frameworks.
For additional information, and media inquiries, please contact
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