Are Crypto DAOs the New Wall Street? Jobs Seekers Try Blockchain Over Banking – Bloomberg

Decentralized autonomous organizations are turning into training grounds — and poaching arenas — for talent as job seekers turn away from conventional finance. 
Dan Hepworth’s resume includes everything a Wall Street firm would look for in a candidate but instead of heading to a big bank, Hepworth took a job at a software company where he works on blockchain and crypto projects. 
Photographer: Tristan Wheelock/Bloomberg

Savvy undergraduates know the path to a career on Wall Street: Lock down summer internships by sophomore year — maybe junior at the latest — for a top firm to even consider an offer after graduation. Then contend with years of long nights, countless PowerPoint presentations, Excel jockeying and junior vice presidents with a tendency to say things like, “Don’t think, just do.”
Crypto is turning that track askew. The space is luring away strivers from conventional finance — and successful candidates need to play by an entirely different rulebook.