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Chris Spears, founder of Atlanta Based Marketing Technology Firm Arke, announced the launch of ImproveHX, a blockchain technology consulting firm. ImproveHX educates executives about blockchains and decentralized technology and trends, including NFT, cryptocurrency, DEFI, DAOs, the metaverse, and more.
Spears remarked, "Think of ImproveHX as the intersection of blockchain technology and the human experience. We are helping companies understand how they can capitalize on blockchain, NFTs, the metaverse, and other related tech to elevate their business and reach customers in new and exciting ways."
ImproveHX offers executives a day of focused training and consulting around:

Also included is a blockchain readiness assessment and consultation, as well as implementation and support if a company decides to make a move into blockchain.
Spears continued, "We are at an interesting time in history. Blockchain technologies are creating a more secure digital space for individuals and organizations to participate, engage, and make transactions. New ways of marketing, like NFTs, open up incredible new opportunities for customer success. Organizations are now at a precipice of–how do we move forward using these new technologies to grow our businesses and reach customers–but in an impactful and not intrusive way. We help executives jump into blockchain by giving them the tools they need to more easily make those big decisions and feel confident when doing so."
Beyond blockchain education and consulting, ImproveHX also focuses on projects in the crypto/blockchain space that enhance the customer experience. Projects that have already gotten underway are:

About ImproveHX Improve HX empowers leaders to step into the future of business by enabling themselves and their executives to capitalize on blockchain innovations. We evolve your know-how through exploring the intersection of technology and human experience. Guided by a desire to bring blockchains to executives, we offer education and consulting without hassle, a significant time commitment, or needing anything but the desire to learn and grow. This is a unique opportunity to gain the foundational knowledge to start making mission-critical decisions around decentralized technologies and trends. For more information, visit
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