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Michael (Mike) Novogratz is very active on the Twitter social network. 
But when we delve into the recent tweets of the former Goldman Sachs banker, we don't really get the impression that the prices of cryptocurrencies, of which he is an ardent investor and evangelist, have been in pain for several weeks now. 
On closer inspection it is not a denial of reality. It's quite simply that Novogratz believes in the future of this young industry which promises a financial big bang and financial inclusion. As a banker who has worked both on American soil and abroad, he must measure its scope.
He likes quoting his "favorite song, which is Bitcoin Go To the Moon, which says Novogratz is bullish" as he said during his company third-quarter earnings' call.
"Learn. Build. Invest," he posted on February 18 in commentary on a tweet from his company Galaxy Digital, a firm dedicated to the digital asset, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry, about an intervention by one of their executives about the ethereum blockchain.
Invest in the cryptosphere therefore. That's what Novogratz continues to do. His firm has just launched a kind of vast recruitment campaign for talent wanting to work in this young emerging industry at the very moment when many will tell you to be cautious as there are so many uncertainties.
Many countries around the world still ban or restrict crypto. President Joe Biden is about to sign an executive order that should serve as a framework for federal regulators.
If these pitfalls are likely to discourage more than one investor, this is not the case for Novogratz. 
"Interested in helping shape the future of finance? @GalaxyDigitalHQ is #hiring for entry-level roles across multiple divisions!" the cryptocurrency firm posted on February 14.
"Help Wanted !!!" Novogratz insisted by sharing his company's recruiting tweet.
He did it again a few days later.
"It's a year to Build," he posted, taking up an interview given to Bloomberg by one of Galaxy Digital's top recruiters.
According to postings on its website, Galaxy Digital Services is "currently looking for analysts to join our FLAG (Future Leaders at Galaxy) class beginning in May 2022!"
The company added that: "Responsibilities will range depending on the team you are working with, in addition to an educational program for the whole FLAG Analyst class. Candidates should have at least 6+ months prior work experience and a deep interest in working in cryptocurrency. This class will be a key asset in engineering a new economic paradigm."
Galaxy Digital wants applicants to have knowledge or be curious about digital currencies, while it promises to offer them "the chance to shape the future of the firm and build a strong foundation for a career in cryptocurrency."
Galaxy Digital does not say how many people the firm intends to recruit during this campaign. During the conference call presenting the latest quarterly results available in early November, Novogratz indicated that the company's workforce had grown in recent months.
"I think it’s really clear to see that this is a growth industry and Galaxy is a growth company. Eighteen months ago, kind of pre-COVID, or maybe it was two years ago, we were roughly 80 people, and today the combined Galaxy BitGo entity would be 510 people. That’s a lot of growth," the former banker boasted. 
Galaxy Digital, which wants to lists in the United States during the current first quarter,  has invested several million dollars in companies in the cryptoeconomy.
"As the cryptoeconomy continues to mature and adoption trends accelerate, driving both asset price increases and greater quantities of institutional capital into the space, I have never been more bullish about the future of our Company," Novogratz said back on November 15.
Admittedly, the prices of cryptocurrencies had not yet collapsed as is currently the case. But the "early" bitcoin investor, as Novogratz introduces himself on Twitter to his 445,000 subscribers, still doesn't seem to have changed his mind.
Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency, is currently trading around $39,322.60 according to data firm CoinGecko. They had reached the all-time high of $69,044.77 on November 10.
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