Bitcoin Faces Challenging Week as Risk-Off Mood Gathers Momentum – Bloomberg

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In the past few decades, telescopes have discovered thousands of objects beyond Neptune, and their orbits have made some scientists think that a massive ninth planet exists. A new telescope in Chile may be powerful enough to finally find it.
Four Killed in ‘Devastating’ Stabbing Attack in South London
Sam Bankman-Fried Described Yield Farming and Left Matt Levine Stunned
Meta Calls U.K. Tech Watchdog’s Giphy Decision ‘Irrational’
India Cyient’s Biggest Buy to Help Diversify Offerings, CEO Says
Pinduoduo, Alibaba Lead Chinese ADR Decline Amid Lockdown Woes
South Africa’s Ruling Party Weighs More Private Involvement in Economy
Praying Football Coach Tests Religious Rights at Supreme Court
New Texts Shed Light on Elon Musk’s 2018 Spat With Saudi Fund
BlackRock’s Rieder Counsels Patience as Stocks and Bonds Sag
‘Forgotten’ Cask of Rare Macallan 1988 Whisky Sells for Record £1 Million 
Ingram, Pelicans Overwhelm Booker-less Suns to Tie Series
Buck Up, Boomers. You’re Still Better Off Than Your Parents.
Workers Are Winning the Return-to-Office War Because They’re Right
U.K. House Prices, Meet the Cost-of-Living Crisis
This Earnings Season Will Be a Weird One for Industrial Companies
Why Nasal Sprays Are Poised to Be the Next Weapon for Fighting Covid
Everything You Need to Know About Netflix’s Big Miss
SocGen Ordered to Compensate Fired IT Boss Accused of Trying to Kiss Colleague
U.K. Firms Need to Improve Modern Slavery Reports, Watchdog Says
Majority of India’s 900 Million Workforce Stop Looking for Jobs
States Awash in Plastic Packaging Want Manufacturers to Pay Up
Weather Prediction Startups Grow as More Volatile Storms Loom
Free Public Transit Is Not a Climate Policy
How Cities Became Accidental Wildlife Havens
California Slow to Sell Housing Bonds as Homelessness Worsens
Crypto Exchange Kraken Gets License to Operate in Abu Dhabi
A Would-Be Crypto Baron Plies His Trade in the Taliban’s Shadow
Scaramucci’s Crypto Pivot Comes With an Eye on Tripling Assets

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Bitcoin extended this month’s losses in Monday trade as investors shied away from risk assets amid a more hawkish outlook for Federal Reserve policy tightening.