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The recently launched Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has thrown most cryptocurrencies into a spin. The zero gas fee is one of the biggest concerns for most crypto projects already struggling with expensive gas fees. Ethereum has one of the most expensive gas fees that can go up to $50, hence one of the most concerned projects. But the Bitgert blockchain is offering more than a gasless chain. Read more below about zero gas fee Bitgert BRC20 blockchain and the competing projects:
The biggest reason why Ethereum, BNB chain, and other projects are concerned about the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is its zero gas fee. This has been one of the key features that made the Bitgert chain popular even before its launch. To make the gasless chain a reality, the Bitgert team has set the gas fee at $0.0000000000001. There is no other blockchain in the market that has such a low gas fee.
In addition to that, the Bitgert chain is now faster than Solana at 100k TPS, making it the fastest blockchain in the industry. The Bitgert team has also started projects like the Startup Studio to connect small-scale businesses to global investors. These are major Bitgert chain features raising concerns for most cryptocurrencies.
Though Centcex is concerned by the launched Bitgert BRC20 blockchain, it is a project to watch. Centcex is so appealing by just reading the roadmap and the team’s dream. The team is building a blockchain-based ecosystem that will accommodate an unlimited number of applications, including user bases, staking programs, dApps, etc. With all these Centcex products and the 100% APY staking reward, there is no doubt that Centcex is going to be one of the best rewarding cryptocurrencies in the market.
The BNB chain has valid reasons to get concerned by the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain. This is one of the chains that has brought tough competition not only for the Binance chain but also some of its key products. To start with, the Bitgert chain zero gas fee has made the Binance chain one of the expensive chains for developers and traders. The Brise chain is also faster than the BNB chain. These are some of the reasons that are concerning the Binance team.
The Ethereum blockchain is said to have one of the most expensive gas fees in the industry today. The Ethereum gas fee is going up to $50, which is forcing many developers to migrate to cheaper platforms. The Bitgert chain’s zero gas fee is definitely a concern for Ethereum because most developers might prefer it. The fact that the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is EVM compatible means that developers can migrate from Ethereum to this chain. The Brise chain being faster than the ETH chain is also a major concern.
Polygon is another cryptocurrency that might be affected by the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain. The polygon network is designed for the Ethereum network to address the scaling issue. It provides a faster speed and cheaper gas, but the Bitgert chain is offering better features than Polygon, such as EVM compatibility. This means Bitgert also provides Ethereum developers with the cheapest and fastest platform. Therefore, Bitgert chain is offering Polygon tough competition, and that’s why the team is concerned.

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