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It looks like Bless Unleashed will be joining the ranks of MMORPGs that use blockchain-based “play & earn” elements, with a deal this month between Valofe and publisher Wemade that will have the game join the Wemix blockchain platform.
The announcement of the deal comes as Korean publisher Wemade aims to bring a goal of 100 games to its blockchain platform this year. Wemade is behind the Wemix platform, so obtaining the use of the Bless IP from Neowiz is one step towards this goal. 
Valofe runs its own global platform, VFUN, with operations across multiple regions, making this deal one that has a great potential, rapid, reach. 
According to a press release announcing the partnership, Valofe and Wemix are targeting this as a global endeavor for the next chapter of Bless: Unleashed, and as part of its longer-term goal, to recruit and work with developers looking for a play & earn partnership for their games.
Wemade CEO Henry Chang, in the release, said, “WEMIX is the only blockchain gaming platform that has a complete set of coin, NFT and DeFi. We are very happy to be servicing Bless Unleashed on the WEMIX platform.”
Bless Unleashed, a followup to Bless Online, is just the latest MMO that Wemade is looking to onboard to its platform. Games like mobile MMO Dark Eden M are also operating with the Wemix platform, and clearly this will not be the last announcement that is aimed towards the global market.
One of the other games currently running on Wemix is MIR4, an action MMO that has been one of the top 5 played MMOs on Steam by player numbers. Also available on mobile, this title might show where the potential is for these efforts by Wemade to bring those hundred games to the blockchain.
For more, you can head over to Bless Unleashed.

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