Blockchain is the new internet – Founder & CEO De-Future Elite Technology, Mr Jacob Onyobi – Vanguard

Mr Jacob Onyobi is the Founder and CEO De-Future Elite Technology, an information technology company of International repute that focuses on the technological aspect of the day to day use, with its area of distribution including Blockchain Development, Website and Mobile Apps Design, Media and Information Services. 
According to Mr Jacob, he claims that “Blockchain is the new Internet”. He further went on to explain that one of the ideas behind the Blockchain is Decentralization, and what that simply entails is giving authority on the internet back to the user(you and me), being in charge and in control of whatever activity one is doing on the internet. 
He went further to give insights, saying that sometime ago, more than 3.5billion people lost access to one of the world’s most powerful data storage, communication and information platforms, and reasons being that a single one of the server system at Facebook went down. Although it was a temporary breach but it highlights the many dangers of trusting one’s data and information to a centralized body of network. 
With examples, he stated the differences between centralized internet and Decentralized internet, using Facebook as a case study. On Facebook, just like every other centralized internet body, all our data and information are uploaded and before they become visible on their platform, it must pass through one of the many company data servers, Which singlehandedly ruins the idea of privacy because it is easily accessible by hackers, maintenance problems, servers can also have downtime, which would lead to halt in emergencies, businesses and communication. But on the other hand, a decentralized network, for example Filecoin, the control of its data and resources is spread accross a network of thousands of users, each of who contribute storage capacity to the system, and the more many points of access to a network the less danger it is to failure and hacks. 
“Decentralized networks focuses on keeping your data and information free from a third party, making sure it’s safe and secure and most importantly keeping it where it so rightly belongs, “in your hands”, he said. 
He went further to say that “the world had witnessed web1 internet, web2 internet which is currently what the world is on right now, and gradually we are witnessing and ushering in the arrival of the Web3 internet”. The whole idea of the Web3 is building a World Wide web that is based on Blockchain. And also the introduction of Web3 would provide increased data security, scalability, and privacy for users and combat the influence of large technology companies
“Blockchain is the new Internet, big organizations and countries will adopt its technology, because the blockchain technology is the Future”. Mr Jacob Onyobi 
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