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LiquidVineyards (LV) intends to offer wine lovers the chance to have their own wine via an exclusive 5G blockchain technology that uses smart contracts. The startup is currently raising capital through an equity crowdfunding campaign on Netcapital
The Company: LiquidVineyards aims to make it possible for anyone to experience the pleasure of owning their own vines. Customers can choose from a rapidly growing inventory of vineyards from various regions and varietal selections by purchasing Digital Rights to vines via LiquidVineyards' blockchain market.
While LV handles the paperwork — or Digital Rights — the winemaker deals with winemaking. LiquidVineyards doesn't produce anything, dropping the industrial risk to zero. 
Investment Highlights: Unlike regular wineries who get funding to expand while maintaining ownership of their farmland, customers can buy Digital Rights to what LV's vineyards produce. Radio frequency identification (RFID) bands on each vine and the digital labels on each bottle communicate with the startup's patented Digital Rights NFT patent-pending tracking system. Because vines and bottles are securely identified and monitored with 5G seals and labels, buyers can track their bottles worldwide through the LV App.
Each bottle is one-of-a-kind, and consumers can opt for a yearly wine delivery or wait for the annual wine appreciation return on investment. The buyer owns the product for three to 30 years, and those who want to exchange a crop or vines for another or recoup their investment can trade Digital Rights on the LiquidVineyards Exchange. Furthermore, those Digital Rights can be tokenized in the future, and specific wines can be connected to NFTs.
In a typical three-tier distribution system, the price of each bottle of wine will increase by four once it reaches a buyer's home in order to pay all of the players involved. This process allows LV to charge a 100% markup on the wine produced while still making a profit.
LiquidVineyards has filed its first patent application for its innovative NFT-based digital rights management system. In the near future, the company aims to build a solid and diverse intellectual property portfolio to support its main business. LV plans to file more patent applications covering upgrades to its technology in the following months, both in the United States and worldwide.
The minimum investment required to finance LV's crowdfunding campaign is $100.
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