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A few days after announcing that it’d be adding cryptocurrency SundaeSwap (SUNDAE) to its trading platform, the top crypto exchange Bitrue seems to be teasing a major announcement for the Cardano ecosystem in a show of solidarity.

Sundaeswap, a decentralized trading protocol based on the Cardano network, has grabbed crypto enthusiasts’ attention since its January 2022 launch. Based on the cryptocurrency’s buzz, the Cardano network community is pleased with the news.

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In response to this recent controversy, Bitrue has revealed that it will be making a special announcement at a later date. A spokesperson for the exchange declared that it would be showing its support to Cardano. The cryptocurrency exchange has been extremely vocal in the past regarding their affiliation with Cardano’s platform and they were also the very first company to launch “OccamFi,” an investment product linked to ADA’s reputation and future market performance.
Bitrue has been involved with Cardano projects for quite some time now. From the very early days, Bitrue was working with Cardano to enable the trading of native assets on their platform and were also one of the first exchanges to launch stake pools, allowing CDT holders to earn more by allowing their tokens to be delegated to a community pool operated by people they could trust.
“We’re very excited to add ADA to the wide selection of cryptocurrencies we offer on Bitrue, as Cardano has some impressive throughput that many new tokens are starting to utilize especially when looking at the increased transaction speeds compared to other blockchains in the market today. Adam O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer Bitrue
SUNDAE is a token that Bitrue is pleased to support. SundaeSwap is the very first project to utilize Cardano’s new smart contract technology. Mr. O’Neil believes that it is an ideological leader in offering fair financial services to people globally via decentralized networks.
From Feb 14th, 2022, Bitrue has been enabled trading between USDT and SUNDAE as token pairs. Some other popular pairing choices are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and many more at Bitrue!
Bitrue is a new crypto exchange that facilitates trading, crypto-lending, and investments. Bitrue intends to use blockchain technology to provide financial possibilities to everyone, regardless of geography or financial situation. Their global team is committed to supporting the digital gold of the next era by creating state-of-the-art services and products with their 2018 team members spread all over the world in Korea, Japan, South America, and Europe.
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