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Play-2-earn is making waves in the blockchain industry. It is one of the enjoyable forms of entertainment that allows users to earn while they play their favorite games, so no wonder it is incredibly popular. The problem now is that projects have to differentiate themselves from the norm in this market that is quickly becoming saturated and that is one thing that DeHub does best.
The project has now introduced the world to the first blockchain end-to-end entertainment hub that features a variety of games for the players. The more users are active on these games, the more they stand to earn.
It also features a wide array of dApps that allows users to earn or buy tokens without having to log in or link their bank information to the site. The arcade-styled site welcomes players from all over the world to watch, compete, and get rewarded for their time.
Usually, when one thinks of play-2-earn, the first thing that comes to mind is playing games on the blockchain to earn tokens. DeHub understands this and has provided the games where users can achieve. However, this web3 project is changing the game by adding multiple layers of entertainment.
On DeHub, users play games and view exclusive content including a number of original productions and licensed content.  In addition, they can also shop for a variety of everyday and luxury goods on the platform. As a SEC registered developer licensed for real estate, brokerage services, investments and more, DeHub makes it possible for users to buy tokenized lands and homes as well.
It is an all-encompassing entertainment hub that offers the option to watch, play, earn, learn, and shop, all in one place. Its content range from movies to a wonderful array of curated educational content and exercises to enable a seamless onboarding process.
There are currently over 50 games now live on DeHub for users’ pleasure. These include favorites such as Tomb Runner, Fruit Slasher, among others.
DeHub is blockchain’s first end-to-end entertainment hub that covers a variety of industries. The project is bringing entertainment and lifestyle to Web3 through streaming content, moviemaking, and gaming. It opens up new ways for viewers and gamers to engage with one another in a deeper way, as well as with the creators of the content they are consuming. It is a secure platform that offers original and licensed content to its users.
DeHub has partnered with major players in the crypto space to bring this revolutionary product to life. Some of its partners include Chainlink, Certik, Vimeo, and Moralis. It puts the power to decide what is funded, renewed, or canceled in the hands of the users as they engage with the content.
DeHub has also ventured into the Mixed Martial Arts world by improving the process by which fights are judged. Instead of giving the power of judgment to a few people, DeHub is introducing a novel blockchain-verified audience voting system to be used at designated events. All of this is coming to their streaming dApp that is already full of fire power with recent teasers of a Jorge Masvidal documentary and backing from other champs including Kelvin Gastelum, Lerone Murphy, Kane Mousah and more.
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