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What does Giannis Antetokounmpo do for a living? Sell Bitcoin, of course! The Greek Freak trolls Daniel Mac while sitting in his Rolls Royce.
Our favorite Greek superstar is a gigantic troll. He loves a laugh and whenever he gets the opportunity, he is ready to hit us with a dad joke.
His humor never gets old and despite its corniness, it has come to grow on us. So what happens when he is out on the road, driving his fancy car? He meets a legendary TikTok star, of course!
Daniel Mac is one of TikTok’s most popular stars. He goes around the streets of LA and other cities asking people in expensive cars what they do for a living.
As fate would have it, he would encounter the Greek Freak one day!
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@Giannis_An34 really said Bitcoin. 😂
(🎥: @itsdanielmac ) pic.twitter.com/AlPWdLU5lo
— TSN (@TSN_Sports) October 2, 2021

Naturally, when Daniel Mac asked, “Hey, excuse me, what do you do for a living?”, Giannis responded with “ah, Bitcoin!”
Mac seemed visibly confused until Giannis corrected him with, “Man we work hard, we work extremely hard”. If that is not the definition of humble, we don’t know what is.
The Antetokounmpo brothers were driving a $335,000 Rolls Royce Cullinan. That is also a sure shot sign that hard work does indeed, pay off.
The Milwaukee Bucks face off against the Boston Celtics in a Game 7 at the TD Garden. They will be hoping that the Greek Superstar can put up another scorching performance and lead them past the line.
And also, here’s the original video.

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