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Let’s first explore the progress HUH Token has made since its creation. It was released on December 6th, 2021, and has performed significantly well for the last couple of months. Upon release, a number of Reddit posts claimed the token was a fraud, with users claiming no correspondence from customer service and thus no tokens issues. These claims were quickly debunked as in the first five days the currency experienced a 4000% growth in value. Apparently, no other cryptocurrency on record has experienced this level of growth shortly after the launch date.
Bitcoin was released on the 3rd January 2009 and did not experience high levels of growth in the first two years. In 2011 the price of Bitcoin reached $1.00 but in 2013 the cryptocurrency saw gains of 6600% and each year continues compounding at roughly 100%-200%. Does a similar future await HUH Token? Since its release original investors have seen vast amounts of profits. A very interesting feature to note about HUH Token is the referral system, which allows users to receive a BNB when people referred use the code.
Influencers are now starting to promote cryptocurrencies which is another factor to cryptocurrencies’ success. HUH Token has recently seen 500 influencers join ranks which are expected to strengthen investor confidence ultimately creating the trend where millions will want to invest in HUH Token. The crypto world is just coming out of a major upheaval due to multiple blockchain ecosystems. But now seems to be growing- Ethereum currently has a market valuation of almost $450 billion so there is still plenty of money to be made.
According to TechPoint HUH Token “Has continued to create waves, and the upward trend does not seem to be slowing. It seems to be thriving as a consequence of its innovative smart contract referral mechanism”. Is it the right time to invest? HUH Token’s current value is $0.00001191 and has been declining since the start of 2022 but will the influencer campaign return it to its former glory?
HUH token
HUH recently announced more than 1,500 NFT’s have been mined. While the currency at present has been declining there is hope it will gradually start to increase in value as more people invest. The HUH team recently said that HUH Token is part of a larger project that will be released in the distant future, the MetHUH will be released soon. A MetHUH is a social platform that rewards influencers for creating engaging content. A concept not seen through blockchain technology.
The future of HUH Token looks promising as a new project looks set to be released soon which could replicate the pattern seen when the currency first launched. As of February 2022, there are currently 10,000 cryptocurrencies in existence with CoinGecko also estimating the industry is now worth over $3 trillion. Looking back at 2021 we saw Bitcoin hit new highs and the industry now looks brighter than ever. HUH Token may just be the next Bitcoin. Crypto has seen a huge surge in interest with 16% of Americans having said they had either traded or was interested in knowing more. Returns look set to increase as industries around the world bounce back from the pandemic.
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