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For the first time since the 2nd day of March, Ether (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization in the world, breached the $3,000 hurdle.
Except on March 1, when Ether experienced a short rise above $3,000 and today’s significant move to the upside, Ether has spent the most of March moving between $2,400 and $2,800.
As of this writing, ETH was selling at roughly $3,012 per coin, a 5.8 percent raise over the previous 24 hours. Ethereum blockchain’s powerful token has also surpassed the market value of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, bitcoin, which is up 3.8 percent today.
Showing resilience
Stack Funds’ COO and co-founder Matthew Dibb said in an online interview with CoinDesk that ETH is showing a degree of resilience compared to other assets in the market, and the price of ETH/BTC is now hovering around the 0.070 level, indicating some short-term technical resistance.
He said the fundamentals for ETH are in place for a move upwards, but an alt-wide rally would also likely contribute to its rise.
‘Highly tradeable’
FundStrat stated in its Crypto Daily Report that the current increase in relative strength makes ETH appear highly tradeable from a technical standpoint and could assist prices to continue heading upward as this neutral consolidation gives way to a fresh uptrend.
According to statistics from crypto analytics firm IntoTheBlock, on March 18, there was a large increase in ETH exchange outflows with over 180,000 removed. This is the greatest total withdrawal of ETH from exchanges since October, 
It added in a tweet that the last time this volume of ETH exited exchanges was in October 2021, just preceding a 15% price surge within ten days.
Cryptocurrency traders have withdrawn $500 million worth of Ethereum this week to expect a rise in the price of the cryptocurrency.
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