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One of the biggest problems in the crypto industry has been the expensive gas fee. Blockchains like Ethereum have their gases rise up to $50, making it very expensive to transact on. But this will never be an issue anymore because Bitgert zero gas fee chain is now providing blockchain users with a gasless platform. Here is more about the Bitgert zero gas fee chain and why it is booming:
The Bitgert roadmap, released 7 months when the coin launched, included a lot of disruptive products, most of which the team has already launched. But the most disruptive product Bitgert has launched is the BRISE BRC20 blockchain. Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is a zero gas fee blockchain, which has eradicated the problem of the costly gas fee in the crypto industry. Today, blockchain users can use a chain that only charges $0.0000000000001, a near-zero figure, for gas. That’s how disruptive the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain system has been.
The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is also the fastest chain in the market, with a speed of 100k TPS. Bitgert has overtaken Solana’s 65k TPS to be the fastest chain in blockchain technology history. But the Bitgert is not stopping because there are +10 products coming on the Brise chain by the end of the year. That’s how impressive the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is and the reason why the crypto community is loving it.
The Centcex project has been posting impressive performance since the project launched about three months ago. For a project this young to post this kind of price and market value growth, it is a sign that the crypto community is loving the Centcex project. Although Centcex is still developing the first product, the roadmap shows a project that will make investors super-rich. That’s why the crypto community is investing in Centcex in large numbers.
The team is developing an unlimited number of products that will be running on the Centcex ecosystem. That’s the sole aim of the Centcex project. The products will include all the cryptocurrency applications from crypto exchanges, staking programs, dApps, and many others. The investors will be getting a 100% APY staking reward from the revenue generated by the Centcex products. That’s why it is one of the projects that will make investors rich and the reason many investors are buying the Centcex project today.
The Ethereum has continued to rise, something that is not going well with the network users. With the ETH gas fee going up to $50, it has been a growing concern for the Ethereum blockchain users. That’s why all the scaling smart contracts compatible with Ethereum are going popular and large as more developers migrate from Ethereum. Bitgert might be the best solution for the rising Ethereum gas fee.
The Brise chain is compatible with the EVM, which means developers can migrate from the Ethereum chain to the Bitgert gasless chain. Although the Ethereum team is working on reducing the gas fee, it will be difficult to surpass the BRC20 blockchain zero gas fee. Therefore, the Bitgert chain might remain the best developers solution for a longer time.

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