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Today GameStop subsidiary GME Entertainment, LLC filed a trademark that would seem to imply the company is getting into the cryptocurrency game.
The story of GameStop (GME) has definitely been an interesting one for the last year or so and it would seem that the news train is showing no sign of slowing down. The latest piece of news comes in the form of a trademark filing for “GAMESTOP BLOCKCHAIN” by GameStop subsidiary GME Entertainment, LLC.

The news comes via a filing on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. The filing states the following:
“Trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of downloadable computer software for accessing one or more distributed computing networks; downloadable computer software for providing an interface between an internet browser and one or more distributed computing networks; downloadable computer software for implementing blockchain transactions; downloadable computer software for signing blockchain transactions; downloadable computer software for managing and securing digital identities; downloadable computer software for managing one or more digital assets; downloadable computer software for generating and securing cryptographic private keys that are used for authenticating transactions on blockchain networks; downloadable computer software for implementing digital asset transactions; downloadable computer software for encryption; downloadable computer software for executing and managing secure data transactions; downloadable applications for implementing blockchain transactions and managing and securing digital identities.”
Along with today’s GAMESTOP BLOCKCHAIN trademark filing, it’s already known that GameStop has been working on an NFT storefront as well as a digital wallet. Over the last year the company’s stock (GME) has grown in a massive and unexpected way, and new life has been breathed into the corporation thanks to new leadership and dedicated investors. Today’s news would seem to be further proof that GameStop is ramping things up as they get ready to launch their NFT marketplace. GameStop seems poised to grow beyond their traditional retail model as it expands into digital markets and NFTs.
Will their gamble pay off? It will most likely be quite some time before we know one way or another, but we have been following the GameStop saga closely and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date as more news develops.
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Long GameStop via GME shares
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Blake Morse posted a new article, GameStop (GME) files ‘GAMESTOP BLOCKCHAIN’ trademark
Great timing GME
Now is your opportunity to buy low. lol