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The gambling industry is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global economy, and sports betting tops the list. Countries like India, where the population is highly interested in sport events, especially cricket or kabbadi, can be a lucrative marketplace for sports betting start-ups. Unfortunately, laws regarding cryptocurrencies or blockchain are not entirely defined in India right now. This is where Indian investors often experience a setback from the courts when trying to regulate blockchain technology. Luckily there are no boundaries on sports betting when the sport involves skills and not a chance. Cricket is a game of skill and a popular one, making it a haven for launching a decentralized sport betting exchange. is a recent entry in this space that has introduced a set of innovative features to beat the ongoing issues in the online betting industry. They are an innovative and readily developed sport betting exchange, created on the Binance Smart Chain and targeting India. The goal of this decentralized betting platform is to end the monopoly control bookmakers have over the bettors. has come up with a unique strategy that gives the power of bookmaking to the bettors and every user on the platform. This will empower bettors, enhancing the unfair odds due to high implied bookmaker markups.
Unlike other sports betting platforms, allows anyone to securely offer an odd on the platform. This odd can then be purchased by any other bettor on To keep the system fair and clean, has allotted quotas to allow bookmakers to offer their own valuations which, given sufficient mispricing, might then even result in sure bets. On this platform, only properly valued odds ensure profits for bookmakers.
Apart from ending bookmaker domination, has also eliminated artificial payout barriers for bettors winning large amounts. actively fights money laundering by applying open accounting on all funds. Every transaction is done via the Binance Smart Chain, whether the money enters or leaves the platform. To further strengthen the platform’s safety, has made every effort to eliminate dubious players from the platform. It aims to establish trust within its community and customer base to ensure long-term profit potential for its users.
With such innovative features and high-end secured betting and transactions, raised over 1500 BNB during the presale. An additional 60 BNB was grossed in a private sale. The market reached its peak during the sale with millions of dollars and is still maintaining a seven-figure value. Currently, the’s main token is live on the Binance Testnet and will be available on the main platform after full incorporation. The system has been tried and tested by over 5K users during presale as the prototype ran on the Ethereum blockchain. Later, the company switched to Binance to lower the transactional cost to make the odds affordable to a larger group of bettors. is co-founded by Miroslav Byrtus, Benjamin Albrechts, Boris Matuga, and Richard Matuga. Miroslav hails from a technical background, Benjamin is an investing expert and data scientist, Boris is a self-made entrepreneur, and Richard is a crypto master. These four form the core team working behind to make it the most profitable and safest platform for decentralized sports betting.
Going forward, the team at is aiming for global growth through blockchain technology. While trying to tap the cricket betting space in India, the team is also planning to expand to soccer bettors in the European Union.
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