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Published Monday, Feb. 21, 2022, 6:25 pm
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If you’re into cryptocurrency, then you’ve probably heard of blockchain games. But what are they, and why should you be interested in them? This post will explain what blockchain games are and show you how they can be a fun and profitable way to invest in the crypto world. So keep reading to learn more!
Blockchain games are precisely what they sound like: video/computer games that run on top of a blockchain. Since the game runs off the blockchain, it lives in an immutable public ledger (which means all transactions are publicly viewable within its records) and is controlled by no central authority.
This makes it more transparent than traditional games and minimizes the opportunity for any malicious attacks or hacking to occur.
Blockchain games work by linking game assets to blockchain addresses. This means that any player can own and use these assets and permanently store them on the blockchain.
However, until recently, most people didn’t think linking non-fungible assets to a blockchain was feasible due to scaling limitations. But thanks to new technologies, players can now bind these digital assets to a blockchain.
To use the asset in the game, a player must perform a transaction that isn’t processed by a central authority (such as a server). Instead, all transactions in blockchain games are controlled by code. This ensures that all players have trustless ownership of their items and that no one can alter them.
Blockchain games can be categorized similarly to traditional video/computer games: arcade, casual, puzzle, etcetera. In addition, they use many of the same genres and mechanics that we’re familiar with from existing online games such as “Minecraft” and “Hearthstone.”
However, blockchain games also have some unique characteristics. There is no risk of a central authority suddenly turning off servers or shutting down a game, as long as players are using it. This makes them more reliable than traditional games.
And most importantly, blockchain games are “trustless,” meaning there’s no fear of something like a random number generator determining the outcome of an event. This creates a more balanced playing field.
There are many advantages of blockchain games as opposed to traditional video games. Here are some of them:
Since the birth of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies have been fighting for widespread adoption. Blockchain games can help make this a reality by introducing crypto to a broader audience and potentially getting them hooked on using it in everyday life.
Blockchain games also draw mainstream media attention, increasing visibility for cryptocurrencies in general. And with the availability of blockchain technology that supports larger player bases, more gamers can experience cryptocurrency in action.
The biggest appeal of blockchain games is that players can earn money by playing them. This gives gamers an incentive to familiarize themselves with crypto and explore new possibilities.
To get started with blockchain games, players need a crypto wallet that supports the required cryptocurrency. And they will also require an ERC20 compatible token to create their characters and items. In addition, you will probably have to pay an initial fee in the game’s native coins.
Once a player has an account set up, they can buy or sell items on online marketplaces for cryptocurrencies. Items range from simple skins to rare collectibles and powerful weapons, and those who obtained, built, or won some of these in-game, can sell their NFT goods and make money.
Blockchain games are a relatively new and exciting application of blockchain technology. These games offer players different benefits, from earning money by playing them to guaranteed security and transparency. They also allow for in-game assets traded on secondary markets without centralized control.
It is an industry with huge potential, leading to massive breakthroughs in gaming development if it continues its current trajectory.
Story by Chris Johnson
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