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The following was sent to Inven Global as press release.
From the makers of Gunship Battle: Total Warfare, Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is Joycity’s all-new Blockchain, Play to Earn title that is now live on iOS, Android, and PC.  Not only does Crypto Conflict bring the authentic maritime combat strategy warfare that Joycity is known for around the world, this new title is not only free to play, but the company’s first foray into blockchain empowers players to Play and Earn.
Developed by Gunship Battle: Total Warfare studio Joycity, the latest entry in the popular marine combat series has been designed so that naval combat fans can enjoy the core content that has made the Gunship Battle franchise so remarkable, from content such as the cross-server World War Tournaments, Blitz Defense, Armada Strike Group and World Boss battles, but players can also acquire Titanium. Titanium is the new, in-game resource that players acquire through in-game activities and then use this resource to exchange to MILICO, the in-game blockchain token.
Players are tasked with building and maintaining naval bases while producing and directing land, sea, and air units, devising tactical maneuvers, and researching modern military technology. As the Admiral at the helm, players will spend their time strategizing, forging global co-op alliances, and fighting for mankind’s future.
The hype has performed beyond expectations by ranking first in the Strategy and Simulation category and fifth in the “Overall” category on, the world’s largest P2E ranking website.
To commemorate the official launch of “Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict” players can participate in the 4X Airdrop Event where players can earn entry points that provide a chance to receive MILICO by completing “missions”. In addition, the most exciting kick-off events will award a large amount of the coveted Titanium by encouraging players to complete in-game activities such as daily check-ins, leveling up their HQ, increasing their Combat Power ranking, and more.
The “Carnival Event”, an event dedicated to assisting in the progression of new Admirals, will take place so that new players can get dialed in and easily find their way around the game.
Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict will be available for all countries except for South Korea, China, and Singapore. To accommodate a truly international audience, the game service will be provided in a total of 20 languages including: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and more.

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