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Loa Angeles, CA, May 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DecentraWorld and its ecosystem of DApps were developed to address the serious privacy issues in modern blockchains, and aim to provide enhanced privacy solutions for DeFi users with its newly launched DecentraMix, DecentraSwap, DecentraWallet DApps & its unique zero-knowledge blockchain DecentraChain. All backed by its native coin $DEWO, which is launching on May 17th via PancakeSwap, at 3PM EST / 7PM UTC.

It is clearer than ever that governments around the world want to keep controlling their citizens by fighting the one thing they can’t control, the blockchain and crypto-assets. The biggest threat to them is decentralized Finance. With DeFi, we the people, create our own decentralized financial eco-systems, where we don’t need any governments or banks for our financial needs anymore, it’s simply trust-less. While many governments around the world are working on unreasonable regulations, or in some cases even banning crypto as a whole, they have prepared a centralized bank digital currency, or in short CBDC. This will give them more power and control than ever, this new reality may seem like an episode from “Black Mirror”, but it is about to be the reality of most countries in the world. 
The same blockchain technology that was meant to grant us privacy and freedom, will be used in the most undemocratic way against us. The CBDCs will allow governments to have full control over their citizen’s finances and violate their fundamental right to privacy. Imagine that each transaction of yours is engraved publicly on your digital wallet page forever, like a tattoo that you can’t get rid of. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, and it will affect every one of us. CBDCs are coming and will be forced upon us in most countries around the world. The good news is that DecentraWorld has a solution, an ecosystem of open-source, trustless, and decentralized applications that offer a variety of privacy solutions on popular blockchains.
DecentraWorld was founded in 2021 by a group of whitehat developers who believe in financial privacy, and freedom. Since then, DecentraWorld has grown massively in all aspects, including exposure, community, development, team, and partnerships, It seems like a lot of people support freedom. Currently partnerd up with the #1 rated bridge by Binance, $DEWO is already listed and available to cross-chain between BSC, FTM, CRO, AVAX, ETH, MATIC. Additionally DecentraWorld partnerd up with the mega asian launchpad Kommunitas, and filled a seed sale. partnership, providing DecentraChain with private log-free nodes (RPCs), and many more partnerships will be announced soon. 
The team’s mission is to provide privacy solutions for all DeFi applications that violate users’ privacy. By using the DecentraWorld ecosystem your privacy is always prioritized by default using zero-knowledge protocols. DecentraWorld’s DApps allow its users to transact on popular decentralized blockchains with complete privacy and anonymity, the way it was always supposed to be. On top of that, DecentraWorld developed a unique private blockchain called DecentraChain, where your entire on-chain activity is fully private and encrypted with zero-knowledge protocols, extremely low fees (<$0.01), and quick confirmations.
Within the Decentra World innovative ecosystem, we can find a variety of available DApps such as DecentraMix, DecentraSwap, DecentraWallet, and DecentraChain their unique private blockchain. The features of these applications are explained as follows:
DecentraMix: Send/Receive funds anonymously
DecentraMix is a non-custodial private payment protocol using zero-knowledge cryptography. It offers a private way to send/receive supported tokens without being tracked on the public blockchain. It supports the following EVM chains: Cronos (CRO), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Fantom (FTM), Avalanche (AVAX), Ethereum (ETH), and Polygon (MATIC). Visit  or DecentraMix directly: 
DecentraDAO: Governance & High Yield Farming Pools
DecentraWorld is a DAO which provides a variety of benefits to the $DEWO holders.
As a holder of the $DEWO token you get to create proposals and vote using the
governance dashboard. You get to use our high yield farming pools which are 
mathematically backed and may offer 1000%+ of stable APY. There are currently
four different reward pools: DAO Rewards, BNB/DEWO LP staking, $DEWO staking.
Visit  or DecentraDAO directly:
DecentraXMR: Log-Free, Web-Based Monero Wallet
We support other pro-privacy chains, and the Monero blockchain is one of them.
Monero provides an additional layer of anonimity to the DecentraMix users, and that’s
why we chose to provide our community with a log-free monero wallet which is web
based and supporting TOR. Our wallet doesn’t even save cookies, so your privacy is
truly preserved.  In the DecentraMix v2 release, the wallet will be built in to the mixer.
Visit  or DecentraMix directly: 
DecentraSwap: The first DEX that allows private swaps
DecentraSwap combined all the popular decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and their pools into one DEX that offers a private way to swap and trade crypto-assets using zero-knowledge protocols. Every time a user makes a swap, DecentraWorld’s back-end contracts process the user’s tokens through DecentraMix, swap them and send the swapped tokens to any wallet the user chooses, it doesn’t have to be the same wallet that initiated the swap. Allowing the DecentraSwap users to trade with no blockchain trace. You can learn more about DecentraSwap here:

DecentraWallet: a multi-token wallet with privacy by default
DecentraWallet is a browser extension where people can store their crypto tokens, NFTs, make private swaps, and private transfers, using DecentraWorld’s zero-knowledge privacy protocols. Helping users to keep their financial records fully private on the public blockchain. DecentraWallet was created because of the lack in privacy with the majority of multi-token wallets out there. The most popular wallets are actively invading users’ privacy, storing and selling their data, and mapping their wallet addresses. DecentraWallet promises to never store their user’s data, IP, track their activity, map their wallets, and they will strictly use log-free RPCs (relayers) by default. You can learn more about DecentraWallet here:

DecentraChain: DecentraWorld’s Unique Pro-Privacy Blockchain
DecentraChain is a layer-2 solution that offers advanced zero-knowledge privacy protocols based on ZKrollup. DecentraChain allows its users to have maximum privacy by default, with private transactions, private wallet balances, extremely cheap fees, and fast confirmations. The DEWO token is the native cryptocurrency of this blockchain. Since it’s a part of the DecentraWorld ecosystem, it is integrated with all the applications on the platform, including easy bridging (cross-chain) between the DecentraChain, and all the other supported chains: (CRO, BSC, ETH, MATIC, AVAX, FTM).
Benefits of the chain:
⦁    On-chain transactions and balances are private and encrypted
⦁    Extremely low transaction fees (<$0.01)
⦁    Instantly confirmed transactions with 12-minute finality
⦁    Zero reliance on validators and miners
⦁    Offline access to transact on their chain by connecting to their satellite node will be provided (more info about this feature can be found on their documentation page).
⦁    Cross-chain friendly by default, and easy to bridge in between their chain & other supported chains mentioned above.
⦁    No registrations are required to use the chain
Learn more about DecentraChain:

DecentraWorld’s Native Token – $DEWO
Governance, High Yield Farming, Utility, and Benefits
The DEWO token ($DEWO) is a utility and governance token to the DecentraWorld Ecosystem, it’s also the native token of the DecentraChain blockchain. The idea behind $DEWO is to give the power to its community and reward its holders in a variety of ways. All holders of the $DEWO token can get access to DecentraWorld’s governance portal, and vote on proposals that will dictate the future of the platform. Besides that, $DEWO has a variety of financial benefits, designed to be profitable to its holders by default: weekly reward pools, airdrop for early adopters, liquidity mining, staking, cheaper platform fees, access to run profitable relayers, and early access to beta DApps. 
$DEWO Token Launch On PancakeSwap
May 17th, 3PM EST / 7PM UTC
Buy $DEWO:

DecentraWorld has raised over 1850+ BNB in the $DEWO presales, and on May 17th, at 3PM EST / 7PM UTC, $DEWO will list on PancakeSwap and become available for the public. The presale price and the launch price are the same at launch, those who get to purchase the first block (right at launch) will enjoy the same rate as the presale. 
$DEWO Contract Address: 0xCDD6494aEB193C8d5541b5B9c5e72a3809A98fdc

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