Never mind Bitcoin. How’d you like to own a piece of Batman? – KTLA

How is the Dark Knight like a timeshare? Because now you can own a piece of the action.
Rally, a website for collectibles, said Friday it will offer shares in the first Batman comic, published in 1940.
The company will offer 180,000 shares for $10 apiece, giving Batman No. 1 a value of $1.8 million.
If this sounds like the current craze for NFTs, a.k.a. non-fungible tokens, think again. NFTs are exclusively virtual. They do not exist in the real world, making their value, to put it mildly, questionable.
Batman No. 1 is a real comic book. In this case, the copy being timeshared is rated 8 out of 10 in terms of condition, which is unusually good for a comic that’s more than 80 years old.
Along with the Caped Crusader, Batman No. 1 features the first appearances of the Joker and Catwoman (or “the Cat,” as she’s called at this point in her criminal career).
As a former comic-book nerd, I don’t mind saying that this is a cool offer — a chance to affordably own a piece of superhero history.
Moreover, it’s not unreasonable to expect Batman No. 1 to appreciate in value as an investment. Last month, a copy of Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics sold for more than $3 million.
So forget Bitcoin. Here’s a similarly offbeat place to park your money that probably won’t experience wild swings in worth.
It’s Batman, after all. He’s stood the test of time.
The shares go on sale in mid-March.

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