New Blockchain-Based Platform, Independent, Lets Fans Invest In Their Favorite Artist's Music –

Launched by Monk Mafia on the Solana blockchain, Independent empowers both artists and their fans.
A new blockchain-based platform wants to empower independent artists—and the fans who support them.
Based on the Solana blockchain, Independent is a decentralized marketplace that caters to the interests of independent musicians by letting them share a piece of the pie with their fans. The goal is for artists to release music as NFTs and monetize their creations while empowering their fans.
Built on the Solana blockchain, Independent is powered by the creators of Monk Mafia, an NFT marketplace that made international headlines after receiving support from a number of high-profile backers in Asia. Those include Keiji of the chart-topping J-pop band EXILE and the award-winning Netflix documentarian Nirmal Purja.
Artists releasing on Independent choose what percentage of their song's royalties to be put up for sale before minting it as an NFT, along with unique digital cover art. And since the crux of blockchain tech lies in its authenticity and security, each NFT will have built-in smart contract integration. Fans who invest in the music will then become co-owners and receive royalties accrued from services like Spotify and YouTube.
Launched by Monk Mafia on the Solana blockchain, Independent empowers both artists and their fans.
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They may also join the Monk Mafia community in Discord for access to mini-games with real-world rewards.
Find out more about Independent here.
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