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Bitgert BRC20 smart contract blockchain went LIVE on 15th February
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Shiba Inu’s competitiveness against Bitgert dropped immediately after the latter launched its own blockchain. The BRC20 smart contract blockchain is the talk of the crypto industry today due to its exciting features. In fact, a huge number of crypto community members from large cryptocurrencies, including Shiba Inu, have been joining Bitgert after the announcement. Read more below about the Bitgert chain and how its launch has left many competing crypto projects behind:
The Bitgert BRC20 smart contract blockchain has been the most talked-about crypto development this week. This is because Bitgert is one of the most disruptive crypto products in the market today. Bitgert chain being the fastest chain and offering the cheapest gas fee blockchain upon the launch shocked many in the crypto industry. That’s why it is still the hottest topic. With 0.000021 BRISE, which is a value equal to $0.0000000000001, gas fee, and super speed of 100,000 TPS, Bitgert blockchain is definitely the best chain on the market today. The Bitgert project’s official Twitter account has got the latest updates about the Brise exchange.
Among the crypto projects left behind by the Bitgert blockchain launch is Centcex. This is one of the crypto projects that has been competing with Bitgert, especially in products building. Though Brise chain has been released, the Centcex team might be coming back stronger. This is because the Centcex team might be planning to build its own blockchain. This is from the hints provided by the team. Therefore, Centcex may have been left behind, but it is coming back stronger.
The Shiba Inu is projected to be one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the market. This is mainly because of the network products the team is building. The further decentralization of the Shiba network is another factor making this cryptocurrency perform better. But Shiba Inu competitor, Bitgert, might start outperforming SHIB in the coming days after the launch of its own blockchain. The blockchain is so powerful that even the Shiba community is now joining Bitgert.
The performance of Bitcoin this February is good so far, as the coin has risen from lows of $33k to trade at over $40k. Bitcoin is also one of the few crypto projects with its own blockchains. That’s why it is doing very well in the crypto market. But the Bitcoin blockchain is quite inefficient in terms of speed, security, decentralized, and expensive gas fee. That’s why the Bitgert chain is considered one of the biggest Bitcoin competitors right now.
The other big blockchain left behind by the launched BRC20 smart contract blockchain is Ethereum. The team at Ethereum is doing a lot of developments to keep the network competitive. But this might not be enough to beat the Bitgert chain competition because the Ethereum gas fee will still be an issue. Therefore, the Ethereum team will need to do more to keep up with the new competition and keep the gas fee cost lower than that of the Bitgert chain.
The fact that Dogecoin still doesn’t have its own blockchain is one of the reasons why Bitgert has left it behind. In addition to that, the Dogecoin net worm speed cannot match the 100k TPS, which is the speed Bitgert is offering. The Dogecoin gas cost is higher than what the Brise chain is offering. All these are some of the major strengths that the Bitgert project has over Dogecoin. The DOGE team will need to do more on the gas cost and transaction speed to remain competitive.
The launch of the Brise chain brought Bitgert to almost the same level as the Binance coin. Now, these are two cryptocurrencies that have their own blockchains. But the major difference is that the Bitgert blockchain is more powerful than the Binance chain in that it is faster and has a cheaper gas fee. These are some of the key features that might make Bitgert coin superior to Binance coin in the coming days. With the more DEX integrations, Bitgert will be the cryptocurrency to watch in 2022.

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