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Multiple blockchains attract attention among users looking to mint either single NFTs or entire collections. Tezos is one of the chains receiving much praise for its low fees and carbon approach. Even Snoop Dogg – through his Cozomo de Medici alter ego – wants to explore the benefits of this ecosystem.
When celebrities and artists get involved in non-fungible tokens, exciting things are bound to happen. Cozomo de Medici – the alter ego of Snoop Dogg focused on NFTs – is committing a big sum of money to support emerging artists. Rather than focusing solely on Ethereum, the fund will support artists across Tezos and Solana too. With nearly $200,000 committed to date, the future looks bright for fine contemporary art.
The concept of non-fungible tokens is not just about speculation and Metaverse collectibles. It also introduces a way to spotlight historic digital art, among other things. As a result, more and more NFT enthusiasts show an interest in fine contemporary digital art. Interestingly, that momentum builds on the Tezos blockchain rather than Ethereum.
Per Cozomo de Medici, the “finest new artists mint on Tezos”. That is a strong nod of approval to the blockchain to achieve much lower fees and a better experience. Additionally, it is a far more sustainable ecosystem to mint non-fungible tokens and entire collections due to its lower energy consumption. Clean NFTs are a potent tool, and artists like Snoop Dogg acknowledge that potential.
The new NFT fund explores three major blockchains in the NFT industry. Tezos, with its energy efficiency, is a logical choice. Solana also makes sense as it has the Formfunction 1-of-1 marketplace. Additionally, there is support for Ethereum, which remains the biggest network for NFT activity, even if it is not a priority for Snoop Dogg and his alter ego.
The interest by Snoop Dogg in Tezos is not entirely new. Not too long ago, Cozomo de Medici tweeted a Tezos wallet address holding over 1,000 tez, confirming there has been a strong interest in this network for some time. Moreover, Medici noted the growing popularity of NFT marketplaces on the Tezos ecosystem.
FX Hash’s generative platform was mentioned as a potential contender to Artblocks, a popular platform on the Ethereum blockchain. Competition between different blockchain ecosystems continues to heat up. More importantly, the barriers to entry have become more manageable than they were a year or two ago. As a result, it is not unlikely Tezos and Solana will take the NFT crown from Ethereum in 2022 and beyond.
Speaking of marketplaces, Tezos is home to several platforms. OBJKT, Hicetnunc, Versum, and FXHash are the native solutions where users can trade and mind non-fungible tokens. Additionally, Rarible, Kalamint, Bazaar Market, Byteblock,  and AkaSwap also do their part to bring more attention from NFT artists and enthusiasts to the Tezos ecosystem. OpenSea integration of Tezos is “on the agenda” after receiving a grant from the Tezos Foundation, yet there is no official timeline.
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