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Learn how to become a blockchain developer for a discount.
The blockchain is one of today’s most exciting and rapidly evolving technologies. But it’s more than just cryptocurrency. The blockchain is used in logistics, operations, security, and many more practical areas. Additionally, with the advent of NFTs, industries as diverse as fine art and real estate are undergoing their own small revolutions. Right now, we’re still on the cutting edge, so it’s a great time to explore The Blockchain Bootcamp Certification Training Bundle. It’s on sale for just $19.99 (reg. $297). 
This three-course bundle will introduce you to the blockchain and blockchain development. It’s led by ITU Online, an on-demand IT training center that has helped more than 650,000 students, 200 companies, and 50 public entities bring their knowledge into the future since 2012.
Starting out, you’ll learn the blockchain technology basics and understand where the demand is coming from. You’ll compare enterprise blockchains like R3 Corda, Hyperledger, Ethereum, Quorum, and Ripple, and begin to explore Blockchains as a Service (BaaS). This introduction is valuable for any decision maker in technical or non-technical industries.
Then, you’ll start working towards actually building your own blockchains. First, you’ll work towards obtaining the Blockchain Training Alliance Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect (CBSA) certification. You’ll learn the components, terminology, and ledgers you need to know, understand use cases for the blockchain, and cover the top ten areas to focus on to become certified as a Blockchain Solutions Architect.
Finally, the Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger Course will teach you how to plan and prepare production-ready applications for the Hyperledger blockchain. If you want to engineer your own solutions to problems and not just identify them, this course is for you.
Start 2022 off with the knowledge you need to employ one of today’s most exciting technologies. Right now, The Blockchain Bootcamp Certification Training Bundle is on sale for just $19.99.
Prices are subject to change.
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