The latest sustainable decentralized payments' blockchain to enter the space is – Mid-Day

15 February,2022 12:55 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia
There have been numerous technological advances which have taken place in the past few decades, with blockchain being the most effective, making its mark around the financial zone in a big way. Many have sensed the potential it carries and have already forayed into this zone, making their presence felt. SOLAR network is one amongst them which is different as compared to other traditional blockchains as it utilizes the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) Consensus powered by ARK Core which makes the blockchain sustainable, efficient and fully decentralized without the interference and issues which are prevalent amongst other blockchain.

Furthermore, the SOLAR blockchain has 53 delegates which are also known as node operators. These delegates are selected by the voters, based on their wallet power. They can be voted by downloading the Solar wallet. What makes these delegates important is their contribution towards the blockchain network by providing security enhancements, code updates, marketing or brand development and much more. These delegates receive rewards from blocks produced on the blockchain network, and they usually share these rewards with their voters.

There is also a Solar community built for the community by the community members which invite developers, crypto-enthusiasts, art creators, enterprises and all sorts of users to join them. The community also have founders and developers who have worked in the development of the SOLAR project. The creators of this project strongly believe that blockchain will grow at an exponential speed in the near future and those who step in at the right time stand a fair chance for a bright future, the reason the team has come up with this powerful blockchain project which is potent enough to take the industry by storm.