Tom Kysar decentralized, blockchain-based prediction market service – Augur – Mid-Day

01 March,2022 10:54 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia
Tom Kysar
This internet marketer, operations generalist and developer has vast experience around the cryptocurrency space. Since cryptocurrencies hit the market a decade back they have shown their potential by growing exponentially over the years, making investors turn millionaires, a fine example being Bitcoin. Many have stepped into this space since then and made it big around this zone with Tom Kysar topping the list. The world of cryptocurrencies always had the potential to grow big, but people realized it a big later, says the industry expert who has done wonders with his vast knowledge and experience. This San Francisco bred professional is a product manager presently at Augur. His mastery over the crypto space has got him to accomplish many milestones, benefitting many entities along the journey.
Apart from being a founding member of the WC3 Chainpoint Standard working group and a Bitcoin hackathon competitor, he has helped the Ferguson Public Library accept Bitcoin donations via Twitter during their riot. He has been educating people about cryptocurrencies by being on stage at various events held at Rice University, Bitcoin Amsterdam, Bitcoin San Diego, Bitcoin Santa Monica, Ethereum Berlin and many more places. Later in 2014, he joined Koinify, a crypto crowdfunding platform as head of marketing in Palo Alto, California, where he has helped GetGems and Factom collectively raising over 5,000+ BTC. The company was funded by Sequoia China, Blockchain Capital and IDG Capital.
His in-depth knowledge and expertise around the space has pushed him to write articles for BraveNewCoin, a cryptocurrency publication popular for its breaking news and trading insights. He has written in detail about the $GBTC Bitcoin Investment Trust, OpenBazzar, Lightlist/Lighthouse, Kaspersky Ransomware, ZeroNet and much more while at this post. In 2016, he joined Tierion as director of growth, a company which provides service for generating cryptographic proofs for any file or piece of data using the Bitcoin blockchain and also had a big hand in helping move the company to Silicon Valley. He left Tierion to join Augur as a product manager, where he is working at present, posting informative blogs about the projects’ development every week.