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Twitter is now allowing the Ethereum blockchain on its platform for users to send tips and show support to different content creators and influencers on social media. The company also brings more payment channels for access here, allowing people to send their support or donation via more options in the platform for broader availability.
According to a tweet by Twitter Support, there is now an option to add one’s Ethereum address to send tips and integrate it on one’s platform in the current social media landscape. Here, other payment channels are also coming to Twitter for the platform’s users, focusing on allowing people to transact on the forum.
Users can send tips in different payment channels and platforms, and the social media platform is opening up more opportunities for people to show their support or tips to creators. Payment channels like Paga, Barter by Flutterwave, and Paytm are here to provide more platforms for users to utilize in social media.
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Have you set up Tips on your profile yet so it's easy for people to show their support?

Yes: Cool, we’ve added Paga, Barter by Flutterwave, Paytm, and the option to add your Ethereum address.

No: What are you waiting for? Here's how:
There are no exact ways to send Tips via Twitter, but social media incorporated a money icon that people may click on and help redirect them on a platform to send support. Users need to have “Tips” turned on via their profile settings to enable this and avoid missing out on what people would give you if they appreciate or like one’s presence online.
Linking one’s account on Tips will also vary on the supported platform by social media.
Twitter is all about cryptocurrency and the digital currency that is now what the world focuses on, having a lot of features for people to enjoy via the platform. One of those is the ability to display one’s NFT (non-fungible token) as their profile picture via the Twitter Blue subscription platform that remains limited for those in the premium access.
Twitter’s former CEO and founder, Jack Dorsey, is also famous for his support over the digital currency, which was massive back when he was the chief of social media. Back then, Dorsey showed his support for Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency in the world now, despite its many disputes about its environmental issues and mining inefficiency that takes too much power.
Despite Dorsey’s departure from the company, Twitter remains a platform that focuses on cryptocurrencies but is more flexible regarding it right now.
It does not limit itself to personal preferences like that of Jack Dorsey. Instead, it focuses more on the different preferences of the public that focuses on other blockchains.
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