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Reset recently announced its Ethereum platform to open the way for other health and wellness sites to achieve media autonomy. They have placed an archive of their natural healing articles on the blockchain, where people can access this vital information.
To ensure freedom of thought and discussion, we have partnered with tech pioneer metapriestto create an alternative wayto host content on the blockchain. And we invite other natural health websites to do the same,” says founder and spokesperson Amber Lyon.
We encourage other responsible alternative health organisations to join us on this distributed platform to forge a new future, where freedom and truth are the currency of our connection,” adds Lyon.
According to mainstream news and social media sites, empowering people to heal themselves is no longer acceptable. We have seen a troubling shaping of the permissible narrative in our culture, and a cancellation of people and information that challenge Big Pharma and the Western medical establishment’s set narrative.
Alternative health and well-being information empowering you to heal yourself, including sites like Reset.me (that host indigenous wisdom and proven scientific data about psychoactive and medicinal plants) have been marginalised, threatened, and cancelled in the new online world order.
Using the ENS platform, Reset’s content is free and protected from censorship and removal – for as long as the blockchain lives. All content, including the site itself, is hosted on the Inter-Planetary File System, which disconnects content from location, allowing you to access content from any of hundreds of gateways worldwide.
Reset’s traditional internet site is still available. With BitTorrent, you can get content from anywhere on the network with the right hash. The content will always be available if someone seeds it. Mirrored links show a few places to start, but there are many more.
Their articles are available on shuffle display, with search bar functionality to find what you are looking for. In the spirit of open source, the smart contracts and website source code are visible online here.
Lots of changes are underway for humanity as we shift into a massive expansion of consciousness. During these transformative times, remember to focus the searchlight of the mind onto the Divine within and bask in the glory of limitless unconditional love, peace, compassion and joy,” says their spokesperson.
Remember that true freedom always comes from within.
Users can help Reset live on the blockchain by hosting it. With Brave, just type this in the search bar: ipfs://bafybeihd2cnprgpjq7ps5aoli356her4cxvx5twmfhribo7wqnir6dwbzy and click “Local Node” and you will be seeding resetme.eth on your own computer. For help using Brave: https://brave.com/ipfs-support/

Amber Lyon
Reset your Mind. Reset your Life.
[email protected]
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