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What is Lamden blockchain network & TAU crypto’s price prediction?
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At a time when the cryptocurrency market is under pressure, with the biggest asset BTC trading under US$40,000, crypto enthusiasts may be searching for cryptos that can bring big returns in 2022.
Solana (SOL) and Axie Infinity (AXS) gained very sharply last year. But even these two have lost value so far in 2022.
Some seem to believe that the token that may rise sharply this year could be one that does not feature in the top crypto list. Can Lamden’s TAU token be that crypto? Let’s find out more.
Based on Python, Lamden is a blockchain network that claims to be simple to use for DApps developers and new blockchain enthusiasts. In its official whitepaper, Lamden seeks to differentiate itself from the popular blockchains of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
It claims that these networks have the “problem” of transacting fees. Within the project are a few softwares like Flora and Clove, which Lamden claims are better than the existing blockchain networks. Cilantro is a network by Lamden that it says facilitates free transactions.
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The project is open source to help developers build using the existing codes of smart contracts. Rewards exist for developers, besides the claimed utility of the Lamden blockchain in the gaming verse
TAU is the native token of the blockchain. Lamden developers say that the token can be sent across the network without diminishing its value. The TAU coin also serves as the rewarding token for users.
As of writing, the TAU crypto had a market cap of nearly US$8.5 million. This is fairly low as compared to the multi-billion-dollar market cap blockchain networks of Ethereum and Cardano. The price per token of the TAU crypto is nearly US$0.06. Over the past 24 hours, TAU price as well as the trading volume has gained.
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The TAU crypto has mostly traded under US$0.2 over the past one year, with a short-term surge to nearly US$0.8 in November 2021. In 2022 so far, the crypto has lost value and has mostly traded under US$0.1.
TAU’s price in the longer run might be a product of the Lamden blockchain’s performance. For now, Ethereum and other networks like Solana and Fantom command very high use in the DApps and DeFi sectors.
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Most developers rely on these blockchains, and Lamden has yet to demonstrate utility. This is possibly why it has not been able to break into the top league of crypto assets.
By the end of 2022, if the Lamden blockchain manages to attract developers with free transactions, the TAU crypto may reclaim the price of US$0.8. A consistent rally may even take the price to over US$1, but nothing can be said with certainty because of volatility in all cryptos and the very low market cap of the TAU token.
Data provided by CoinMarketCap.com
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Lamden operates in a popular sector, which is blockchain services for developers of decentralized apps. But Lamden and its native TAU crypto have yet to make enough noise to challenge the market hold of Ethereum and other networks.
In the coming years, developers may be able to find out which is the most efficient blockchain network of all. If Lamden manages to achieve this feat, its TAU token might deliver good results for its backers.

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