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by Katie Clinebell | Published on May 20, 2022
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ATOM jumps 14%. Will Cosmos make blockchain technology better?
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In today's cryptocurrency news, ATOM, the native token of the Cosmos ecosystem of blockchains, is rising in value while many other coins rebound from yesterday's gains. With so many coins unable to rise from this rut, certain outliers are seeing significant gains. What makes ATOM so desirable in the current climate, and why is it rising now?
Cosmos is a network of interconnected blockchains, each communicating and working with each other to create a better blockchain experience for both developers and users. One of Cosmos' main goals with its software development kit is simplicity. With a development process that utilizes pre-constructed modules to produce complex applications quickly and easily, developers would be able to complete projects with less time and less effort. This project also places a high value on scalability, the ability of new blockchains to handle large transaction volumes with efficiency and effectiveness. With so many users experiencing the effects of slow transaction speeds and bottlenecks from high demand, scalability is essential now more than ever.
Cosmos' ambitious goal of connecting different blockchains and making them all more efficient could have major effects on the entire world if it sees success. Blockchain technology is already a huge step toward the systems of the future, being more secure than yesterday's network systems. As this technology continues to evolve, the players who shape its final image could see massive rises in value for their blockchain projects. This means that ATOM and the digital currencies of many of the blockchains that make up Cosmos' ecosystem could surge dramatically due if Cosmos is able to create a scalable, simple, and effective system for developing interconnected blockchain projects that can handle large transaction volumes.
ATOM is seeing big gains, breaking away from most major cryptocurrencies, which are experiencing too much loss to climb out of the pit they have fallen into. After Ethereum's recent struggles with high transaction volumes, blockchain technology is in desperate need of networks that can handle large amounts of transactions without skipping a beat. If Cosmos can provide a development process that is easy for developers to use and allows blockchain projects to be created that handle high transaction volumes, blockchain technology could be changed forever, and the cryptos associated with that change could see massive gains.
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